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  • How can work together as one organization instead of working in silos?

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The Beginning of Mankind

It started with fire

Since the dawn of man, we have created technologies that have extended and leveraged our own abilities, physical as well as cognitive.

History cheat sheet

  • Tools

    We have created powerful tools, from the first spear that helped us hunt, the axe that helped us go from hunters to farmers, to machines that can literally move mountains.

  • Communication

    The first information technology, the written language, made it possible for us to transcend time and space, to communicate and connect with each other across distance and ages.

  • Transporation

    We have created transportation technologies, from bandwagons to spaceships, that have helped us move from one place to another, explore new worlds, trade goods and services, and build our civilization.

  • We’re just getting started

    Yet this is only the beginning. When we start thinking digital first, not being limited by how things work in the physical world, the possibilities are virtually endless. We will get new abilities we couldn’t even dream of before.

superpowering_peopleHave you ever felt superpowered? It’s the feeling that anything is possible, stars seem to align and you are on a roll. You know what? That experience can actually be designed. When you use a digital service or solution that has been designed in such a way that it boosts your abilities, you feel superpowered.

That’s our purpose at Unicorn Titans: superpowering people!


We help organizations innovate their business through designed co-creation experiences.

We work with clients across industries, private and public sector, always with their end customer in mind. Our hearts beat strongly for the coworkers who create value for the end customer. To be able to delight the customers they need to be, and certainly deserve to be, superpowered.


Have your organization been able to exploit and create value from new digital opportunities, delivering great experiences that superpower both customers and coworkers?

If you’re not there yet, we can get you up to speed. Let’s come together to explore and model new ways to engage with customers and new ways of working.

Already as we explore and create together, we make the vision and our ideas real by using a combination of scenarios, visualizations and prototypes. At the end, we bring it together into a vision concept that can be communicated to relevant stakeholders – for gaining buy-in, building engagement and guiding digital transformation initiatives.

Do you have a problem that needs to get solved? Or maybe an idea you want to explore? No problem. We will help you frame your problem or idea and then translate it into a solution concept that will create business and end user value.

Using Immersive Innovation, our co-creation process, we will explore, define and conceptualize the right solutions together. We define goals and metrics, do the necessary research, define hypotheses and then prototype live in co-creation workshops. And iterate as needed.

We provide you with useful tools and blueprints that will guide the implementation: impact maps with metrics, empathy maps, journey maps and prototypes.

To ensure unbiased solution suggestions, we don’t do technical implementation ourselves. We can deliver detailed UX and design through out a project to launch.

We team up with the best technical partners who do implementation and make sure to involve them as early on as possible.

And we follow through, side by side to make sure that the implementation aligns with the concept and delivers the value it should.


screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-15-55-26For innovation to happen you need to bring people with different experiences, skills and perspectives together. That’s why co-creation is the foundation of how we work.

At Unicorn Titans we don’t go and hide for a month or so and then return to pitch ”our” solution to you. Instead we create together, preferably at your place. The ideas are yours (with some help from us) and the solutions should be too.

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As digital transformation evangelists we realized that, in order to be true to our word, we needed to redefine what co-creation is.

So we went full digital. From the first meeting to the last report we now have a smarter, more engaging and better way of innovating together with you and your customers and partners. We call it: Immersive Innovation.

We have focused our efforts on designing the journey from pain-state to realization to be as smooth and engaging as possible. From zero to insight in record time. And from pencils, papers and stickies to a digital joyride.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Digital workflow

    Papers and pens when needed. But with collaborative spaces in the cloud, we never stop creating together.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Live prototyping

    After initial stakeholders meet and greet – we usually prototype realtime and test on the fly in workshops.

  • Connector.Connector.

    KPI or die

    We measure things such as satisfaction, engagement and productivity so we can get insights on what can be improved and how.

  • Connector.Connector.

    We follow through

    After validating the value, we help you take the concepts from blueprints to implementation.

Magic Forces

Our MagicForces will help you discover new opportunities and design superpowering experiences for your customers and coworkers. You never again have to start with a blank sheet, empty on ideas. Like a set of puzzle pieces, we will play and create with the MagicForces throughout the co-creation process.


Value Models | Behavior Patterns | Emerging Technologies

Value Models
Digital is changing the rules of how we can create value together. We bring these rules to the table in the form of value models so we can find and explore new opportunities for digital innovations.

Behavior Patterns
When people are able to harness the potential of new technologies, new behaviors emerge. We capture the new behavior patterns. When applied to new problems, intuitive and superpowering digital services can emerge.

Emerging Technologies
Emerging technologies have the potential to change the status quo. To help you do this, we have mapped out the territory of emerging technologies and their potential applications.

Design thinking?

The closest methodology to ”the unicorn way” is design thinking. Empathy is strong in both. If we ever find our selves in the woods, sun panels broken, out of power, Design thinking is what we would resort to.

The steps

  • 01 Empathize

    Touched by the service or product? We identify the stakeholders to consider, understand and ultimately give superpowers to.

  • 02 Define

    From the force of empathic understanding, start defining supercharged parts to rid pains and grant powers.

  • 03 Ideate

    Our well assembled cross-competence team comes up with ways to solve and elate.

  • 04 Prototype

    In traditional design thinking, here is where prototyping enters the conversation.

  • 05 Test

    We now test the prototype on stakeholders to get feedback and data we can learn from.

Behavior Design

Change is hard. Yet, with the knowledge we have today about human nature and what motivates, triggers and makes us take action, we can actually design for change. Surprisingly few take advantage of this opportunity. We make sure you will by applying the principles and mechanics of behavioral design, an emerging field of designing for change via mobile and social technology.


Know me. Recommend to me. Coach me.

Behavior Design

B = MAT. Sticky. Octalysis. Hooked. Gamification for good.

Behavior Redesigned

Superpowering People™ through empathy and MagicForces™.

The Unicorn Way

Here it is, The Unicorn Way, all in one infographic.

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